Easily adjustable stabilisation with maximum freedom for the head

Papillon is a head support that helps people with decreased muscle strength, coordination disorders or contracture to stabilise their heads. The stabilisation of the head makes it easier to carry out all kinds of activities, reduces fatigue and delays progressive deforming. The head support is one of the so-called three-part systems: the type of support for people with significant posture problems. Among this product group, Papillon is the newest and most advanced version of these systems.

The head support has a basic design that can be easily expanded with additional features to meet individual needs. Papillon employs an innovative system that allows it to be adjusted with much less effort than existing systems. This high-tech system keeps the space between different parts to a minimum and thus prevents them from moving out of position. This makes Papillon less vulnerable to the effects of incidents such as bumping against the head support. The product has a minimalist design, is lightweight and easy to clean.

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