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Papillon is a head support that helps people to stabilise and rest their heads. At the same time, its funnel-shaped design provides great freedom: it requires little effort to lift one’s head out of the support, while the head is automatically returned to the correct support position when leaning back into the support. A large target group is formed by people with reduced muscle strength in the neck which makes it difficult for them to keep their heads up independently. Papillon helps them to stabilise their heads. Other target users include people with coordination problems in need of soft stabilising protection that reduces the annoying uncontrolled movements made by their heads. Papillon also helps people with a contracture. The support provides them with improved options to ensure the most comfortable position of the head.

Support during activities
Due to the stabilisation of their heads, Papillon users are able to engage in various activities with much less difficulty than they would otherwise experience. By decreasing the effects of their limitations, users have an improved view, are able to swallow better, can talk more easily and can move their heads and torsos better. In addition, the impact of difficult circumstances is reduced. One example of this is driving. While driving, shaking movements occur continuously and passengers endure strong lateral forces when the car makes a turn. These are especially arduous circum-stances for people with neck and head problems. The stabilising effect of Papillon will make the drive easier to endure again.

Reduced fatigue
People who use Papillon do not become fatigued as quickly. This is because the head support helps them to keep their heads up without the need to exert themselves all day. People with coordination disorders are helped by Papillon because it keeps their heads calm and still, thus reducing muscle fatigue and strain.

Prevention of further deforming
The stabilising effect of Papillon ensures that progressive deforming is delayed. For example, if a contracture becomes worse every year, Papillon may slow this negative development. This is the resultnot only of the head support offered by Papillon, but also of the prolonged conditioning to which it subjects the muscles. In other words, the muscles are exercised day in, day out.

Papillon: comfortable support

The funnel-shaped design makes the head automatically return to the correct position

Stabilisation of the head makes it easier to carry out all kinds of activities and reduces fatigue

The side pads are positioned below the ear and do not press against any hearing aids or jewellery

A regular head support only supports the backward and lateral movements

A regular head support only supports the backward and lateral movements



Ergonomic basic design
The basic design of Papillon consists of two elongated, wave-shaped side pads, and a cushion in the back. The side pads provide support below the ear and to the lower side of the head. They provide the lateral support. The wave-shaped design guarantees high comfort. The side pads leave free the ear and do not press against any hearing aids or jewellery. The cushion in the back makes possible further support and stabilises backward movements. The basic design, which is somewhat reminiscent of the shape of a butterfly, embraces the head quite naturally and offers a soft and safe feeling. The standard cushions come in various sizes and there are plenty of expansions available. Examples include additional support pads (called side rests), a dynamic forehead strap, and switches for other operating aids.

Easily adjustable and high degree of stability
Papillon is very easily adjustable because of an innovative system. This system allows a part of Papillon to be adjusted in all directions using just one bolt. The system consists of high-precision components that are very solid and ensure that no unintentional shifting occurs when parts are tightened. In addition, the smallest possible amount of space between the different parts makes certain that they do not move out of position during use – as result of frequent shocks or bumping – but will remain in place relative to each other. Therefore, Papillon is reliable and reduces the number of incidents.

Papillon can be adjusted in all directions using just one bolt

Papillon can be adjusted in all directions using just one bolt

Extensive range
Papillon can be adjusted well to the individual needs of the user. The parts can be fine-tuned to many different positions and have a large range. They can also be installed asymmetrically without any difficulty. Moreover, Papillon can easily be placed over the back of a wheelchair. For this purpose, the head support has a low attachment point which offers the best possible conditions for supporting the head. Consequently, the attachment point for the optional forehead strap is also located at an optimal location, keeping the strap stable on the forehead instead of sliding off.

Comfortable multilayered covers
Whereas the aluminium parts are responsible for the optimal positioning of the head, the covers prevent pressure and ensure a comfortable feel against the skin. The covers consist of three layers: lycra on the outside, a middle comfort zone composed of neoprene, and nylon on the inside. The nylon layer ensures that the covers do not shift relative to the underlaying cushion, which would cause an unpleasant feeling. The lycra layer regulates moisture, repels skin oil, and is easy to clean. The comfort zone consists of a thick neoprene layer and ensures the comfortable soft feel. The total effect of the multilayered covers of Papillon is that they reduce the risk of skin irritation and pressure marks.

Maximum reusability
Every part of Papillon is individually replaceable. This means that when a part is broken or dirty, only that specific part will need to be replaced. This reduces costs. Another advantage of the easy replace­ability of the parts is that Papillon can be adjusted to the changing situation of a user. Many illnesses have physical consequences that change over time. For this reason, Papillon is flexible and can be modularly equipped and configured with a whole range of accessories. Not only can Papillon adapt to the varying requirements of the user, it can also adapt to new environmental factors, such as a new wheelchair. A wide range of head supports is available, allowing Papillon to be installed on virtually any wheelchair. Focal specialises in head supports and can always deliver customised products.

Beautiful, sanitary and environmentally friendly
Papillon has an elegant and minimalist design with few protruding parts. This makes the head support easy to clean. The cushion covers do not have zippers, fit perfectly and can be easily exchanged. The head support is made of aluminium, keeping it lightweight. Focal strongly believes that aids should not only be functional, but attractive-looking as well. Finally, all parts are 100% recyclable, which keeps the environmental imprint limited to a minimum.

Basic design with lateral support pads

The system consists of high-precision components

The parts have a large range

Papillon can easily be placed over the back of a wheelchair

Profile of the multilayered covers


Specific users have specific limitations and requirements. The standard Papillon model can therefore be expanded with numerous features to better meet the personal needs of the user. Such features are provided based on individual advice from caregivers and Focal.

Side pads
The side pads provide support below the ear and to the lower side of the head. They are available in three sizes

Lateral support pads
The lateral support pads can correct the undesirable sideways bending of the head or reduce rotational movements. Papillon has an intuitive swing-away function which can be used to fold away or return the support pads with a simple push of a button. The pads are available in two sizes.

Cushion in the back
The forehead strap helps people to keep the head upright. The system is dynamia and therefore allows forward en rotational movements. The strap has an advantageous angle and the strap does not quickly become detached.

Dynamic forehead strap
The forehead strap helps people to keep the head upright. The system is dynamia and therefore allows forward en rotational movements. The strap has an advantageous angle and the strap does not quickly become detached.

Papillon can be equipped with various types of switches. The switches are discreetly placed onto an extra tube and can therefore be used as head-operated switches in various positions. This tube is always swivellable.

Assembly system
The included assembly system enables Papillon to be properly attached to the wheelchair. The comprehensive selection of optional assembly systems offers many options for positioning and adjusting.


Standard model

Head support with dynamic forehead strap

Head support with one lateral support pad

Head support with two lateral support pads and dynamic forehead strap

Head support carriers
Head support users may need extra functionality of Papillon. Focal has developed various carriers. For example, these carriers can adjust the head support electrically or control the wheelchair. Please refer to the product category ‘Head support carriers’ on our website for more information.

100% made by Focal


After more than 20 years of experience in customising and installing head supports, Focal may rightfully call itself an expert in this field. Therefore, Focal decided to develop its own head support. Papillon has turned out to be the best in the world. The creation of this head support has brought about a huge leap in the quality of head supports and the capacities to solve more problems than ever before.

Papillon is the joint result of the expertise of rehabilitation professionals who put the wishes of the users first, of the Research and Development Department that comes up with intelligent mechanical solutions, and of the professional skills of our own workshop, where high-quality parts are produced with the greatest precision and submitted to constant quality control.

Installation and fine-tuning to the individual situation
The success of a head support largely depends on two factors: the head support itself and the fine-tuning of the head support to the individual situation. Focal has over twenty years of experience in installing head supports. During installation, our starting points are formed by the user and his/her pathology, the user’s environment and the user’s activities. The resources we have are: the three-part Papillon system, the expansions to control lateral, forward and backward movements, the use of a special head support carrier if necessary, and our ability to precisely determine the best possible position of all parts. Installation and fine-tuning is a true art that can be done only on the basis of extensive professional experience. The result is a fully functioning head support and a satisfied user.

Papillon is a product of Focal Meditech BV. Patent on the product is pending.

Fine-tuning to the individual situation

Own workshop

Production with the greatest precision


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